Learning Through the Windshield

Rear view

Imagine that you’re going on a trip in your car.  You’re in the driver’s seat behind the wheel rolling down the road.  So far everything is normal except that you’re looking through the rear view mirror to see the road behind you in order to predict what the road in front of you looks like.  So, you’re looking back to move forward.

  • Would you recommend driving like this?
  • What would you say to someone driving like this?
If this sounds ridiculous and that it doesn’t apply to you – hold on for a moment.  How often do you live your life or base your learning using this method (trying to move forward by focusing only on the past)?
The Road Changes too Fast to use the Rear View Mirror

If you keep driving forward using the rear view mirror, you’re going to:

  • Drive off the road and get hurt
  • Only drive on safe, straight known roadways
  • Not drive at all

None of these scenarios are going to help you learn and make a better future.  The past may feel comfortable or familiar but is it getting you where you want to go?  Are you taking in new experiences through your windshield?

Opportunities are Endless Through the Windshield

The windshield is where the fun and learning takes place!  If you don’t think this is true, have you ever brought a child from the back seat to the front seat so that they could see better?  What was their expression?  Usually amazed at this whole new world that didn’t exist.  So much possibility.  The same could probably be said for someone learning something new for the first time.

You Can Still Use the Rear View Mirror

Reflection is an important part of learning so there are times when you need to look back. Just don’t use the past as your primary means of moving forward.

Go clean off your windshield and see what’s out there!

April in Loys Run Valley

  • Anonymous

    Great post Dennis, really loved your blog post title. So far I’ve heard of people learning to drive, this is the first time I see the comparison of learning to driving. Keep up the good work

  • Dennis Callahan

    Thanks for the comment!

  • Ralph

    Good read. I agree learning is very much forward thinking based, or, what I would call proactive and social based on a mindset…

    As workers, we seek to be active pulsecheckers, keeping an eye on fluctuations in sentiment towards our professional brands, assess the relationships with our products & services, (adoption and usage) and adapt well and swiftly…

    We are always learning what the demand is or attempt to predict where it’s going, and learning the context is possible by engaging openly with everyone in a business cycle, monitoring the “now” the experience, and the “future”, loyalty….

    And that’s, can be possible by always keeping an eye on the road, with both hands on the wheel.