2010 Top Learning Tools

Gold top 10 winner
Jane Hart is looking for help in updating her 2010 Top 100 Learning Tools List.  She also has a great list in the Directory of Learning Tools.  Here is my list that I posted on her site:

1.  Twitter – is my primary social stream.

2.  Pen and paper – is still my favorite tool for creating new ideas and visualizations.  It helps me think through ideas before making them electronic.

3.  PowerPoint – I can quickly create visual concepts that refine my thoughts beyond pen and paper.  I use this as a medium to seek input from others and be able to quickly make changes and put this information into other formats (e.g., graphics, websites, documents).  It’s also my primary presentation tool.

4.  Google Search – my primary search engine.  It also has a nice real time search feature that has been added since last year. To use this feature:

Type search term and click Search

Click + Shop options….

Click the time period (e.g., Latest, Part 24 hours) under Any time category

5.  YouTube – you can learn and share so much from YouTube.

6.  Google Reader – my default RSS reader.

7.  Lazyfeed – one of the tools I use to keep track of keywords.

8.  Flickr – is a new tool on my list this year.   I host images , use creative commons images for my blog posts and find great infographics here.

9.  WordPress – is another new tool on my list this year.  I started this blog earlier this year using WordPress.  This is where I post my thoughts on learnstreaming.

10.  Posterous – is where I share my content informally or highlight content from other people that I find interesting.   It’s very easy to use and has made many upgrades over the past year.

What are your top learning tools?

Photo Credit Sam Churchill



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