Friday’s Finds 6/04/10 – 6/10/10

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Here are a few things I learned on Twitter this week

@VenessaMiemis great article about cultivating a learning culture as a key to stay innovative via @palomar5

Fear of failure makes growing, getting smarter, and becoming a learning organization all but impossible. Your fear turns you into a group of “knowers” afraid of admitting their shortcomings or conceding that they don’t know everything.

@kdwashburn Great! Attracting What You Need Into Your Learning Community by @eduinnovation:

Our networks can help us attract serendipity.

@Scorpiowriter RT @USATODAY Twitter power: Learning from ourselves, in real time #Twitter #social media

“Focus groups used to be the gold standard for gathering information, but Twitter is turning things around to the point where naturally occurring conversations can tell us even more”

@Jane Hart @C4LPT: Social Learning – an explanation using Twitter

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