Friday’s Finds 6/18/10 – 6/24/10


Here are five finds that I found on twitter this week.  I organized the posts by the 3 major actions within a learnstream.

Outputs (speaking)

iOPT RT @OliviaMitchell: Presentation structure: Why is it smarter to put your conclusion in your opening

It’s more effective to tell your audience your conclusion near the beginning of your presentation

@bmenell See some visual thinking done real-time with @davegray on @danbenjamin ‘s show. “Don’t read your slides to me.”

They discuss how something as simple as a drawing can change how we communicate concepts and ideas more directly.

Purifiers (thinking)

@sub31 dopamine and information overload, the secret payoff

It’s all about seeking — The latest research, though is changing this view. Instead of dopamine causing us to experience pleasure, the latest research shows that dopamine causes seeking behavior.

@ kyleplacy Fear Will Leave You Breathless and Stupid

Fear Will Leave You Breathless and Stupid

The problem with fear is that… sometimes… it keeps ordinary people from doing extraordinary things.

Inputs (listening)

JaneBozarth RT @Socialearning 20 Social Networks for Lifelong Learners

Photo credit: woodleywonderworks



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