How To Go Live On Tiktok 2022 – How many followers does TikTok live stream?

TikTok released something and we are going to share it with all users. Are you available for it! We are going to let you know precisely how to go live on TikTok. As most of you understand we shut down Instagram and moved to TikTok in which we have developed between 37k and 80k organically, have got around 8 million views on the videos, and produced 1000 bucks without doing more work. In addition to Tiktok, other platforms are trending live streams such as Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. You can check out more!

Overview of How To Go Live On Tiktok

TikTok is the newest trend in social media. It is what Instagram was ten years ago and Vine some years before that. Over the years, it has been brought on the globe by the hurricane, and one thing is certain. It is there to stay. As it is evolving, TikTok frequently adds a lot of attributes to the base and the modern one being TikTok Live.

The TikTok Live stream attribute offers you the chance to use TikTok like your main phase, offering you the capability to connect to your viewer at a personal level. Unlike various social media bases, they are not supporting anybody to live stream. Let’s discover if that’s you and jump to TikTok Live.

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How many followers does TikTok live stream?

TikTok sets double standards before you might get access to the TikTok Live attribute, one has to do with your age, and the other with how many followers you get. As for beginners, TikTok is permitting users over the age of 16 to live stream, and you get to be more than the age of 18 to obtain more gifts.

When it comes to the minimum requirement to go live, you should get more than 1000 followers.

The main steps for you to go live on TikTok

In this section, we will show you the basic steps that make you go live on TikTok easily.

1. First of all, you have to run the TikTok app, and tap the plus on the screen’s bottom.

2. You need to move in a similar way as you begin a video and stick to the Live section next to your recording button. Where it claims “ask me something” you might add the catchy title like “Going live till my phone dies” and tap Go Live to start your live stream.

3. There are other unique filters behind the scenes which you could use like smoothing the skin, which gets creepy. You might broaden your eyes and could again shape the face that is weird if you ask me.

Once you have lived, you could see how many audiences you got, or Gift Points and new followers. You might make those videos fun by enjoying games and making them fabulous or engaging for your viewers.

Beneficial tips for you to go live on TikTok

1. Ensure the lighting is great and your camera is in a good condition

The initial thing you need to do is test your lighting and even the camera. You need to ensure the lighting is better in which you get sufficient light for your shot. Besides, you need to test and ensure the camera to be in focus – if it is not good, more users might suppose it is blurry or they will not be capable of seeing what you want to do as well.

2. Show the face and keep eye contact with the camera

The next item you need to do is show the face and keep eye contact with the camera. You do not glance at it steadily, but if for some reason, you want a break or there is something in front of your lens. This solution they understand you are not turning a blind eye to them.

3. Maintain attention by interacting with the chat

The next item you need to do is keep attention by interacting with the chat. This might be as easy as acknowledging somebody’s comment, or related like asking more queries! Keep in mind that users are watching and often they will get frustrated if all you want to do is surf the chat for a long time.

So it can assist in intermixing behind-the-scenes content for your lives or multi-tasking during live streaming.

4. Practice in advance to obtain a good feel for what works best for you

The next thing you might do is to practice in advance. That might assist in offering you a feeling or what operates best for your content, and it will even remove most of the awkwardness you want to live.

That can not get to be anything fancy – you could get double minutes before making a livestream and ask yourself “what am I wanting to claim”, or “how can this feel if somebody requires me to query through the Livestream?

5. Get talking points and made questions in case nobody asks

Another item you might do is to get some talking points and make questions in case nobody can ask. This might make your broadcast move ahead, and it could assist you in addressing the topics which are crucial for your audiences.

Apart from it, we enjoy multitasking through the live streams in case nobody is very intrusive – so it offers us something to do.

6. Get fun and keep in mind that users interact with other people

The next thing you might do to make sure your live streaming experience is a success is to have fun. Keep in mind that users interact with a lot of individuals who are having a great time, and if they realize the excellent vibes it is going to get them to be better as well.

Next, we hope those live streaming hints have assisted you in starting your excursion. If you want a little more assistance, keep in mind to take the free TikTok beginner kit. It comes with anything you want to begin building up a viewer and boosting yourself in other useful solutions possible.

Hopefully, this can stir up the initiatives for you to begin with TikTok. Just move with what feels convenient for you when making live streams, and be engaging or have a lot of fun.

Hints on TikTok Go Live attribute

Here are a wide range of hints and ideal practices when going live on TikTok

– Interact with your viewer

– Follow the public guides

1. Interact with your viewer

The key to a better TikTok live stream is user interaction. Through TikTok live broadcasts, you do not shy away from Q&A sessions, and try to ask the audiences for thoughts or throw out the newest TikTok memes.

You have to comment on your follower’s feelings and share yours with them.

2. Follow community guides

As the TikTok user going live, you need to remember that your account can be temporarily or particularly banned if you can break particular rules involved in live streaming. In case of doubt, feel better to use TikTok’s public guides site to look for suitable information about limited content.


1. How many followers on TikTok Go-live?

You should grab a minimum of 1000 followers so as to go live on TikTok.

2. How long could you live stream on Tiktok?

There is no restraint on the live streams’ duration on TikTok.

3. Could I record audio through TikTok live video?

The answer is No. While you are recording audio from third parties, the Go Live button might be unavailable.

4. Can TikTok Live videos vanish?

Sure. Unlike other Instagram live streams, TikTok live video might be viewed through streaming. The time the stream finishes, the video is gone and you will not be capable of watching it.

5. Does TikTok swear?

Even though TikTok is a youth-centric application, it is not strange to come across videos on the site which consist of swearing and sexually infused content. When the application can be suitable for other teenagers, it is not targeted at kids below 13.

Wrapping It Up

TikTok is unstoppable with the Go Live attribute on its feed. Various platforms such as Youtube and Facebook had live streaming on their watch for a long period but only moved with the trend of seeing the live stream’s popularity.

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