How To Go Live On Youtube 2022 – Youtube Live Stream Guide

This site guides you on how to broadcast a live stream on Youtube. You might use mobile utilities and computers to do it, but you will initially want to verify your account to register for streaming. You could even stream PC content, like the video game to Youtube by taking a free program named OBS (Open Broadcast Software) studio.

Registering for live streaming on Youtube

Source: YourSixStudios

1. Open Youtube

Move to in the desktop’s web browser. This might open the Youtube account if you are signed in. If you are not signed in, hit on SIGN IN in the page’s top-right corner, then type the account email address and password. Ensure you are signing in with the account which you need to go live.

2. Hit on the “Upload” icon.

It is in the icons’ list through the Youtube page’s upper-right side. The drop-down menu might appear.

3. Hit on “Go live”.

You might find that option in the drop-down menu. Doing that can make you get to the live registration page.

4. Hit on “Get started”.

It is a blue button near the top of the page. If you are registered for live broadcasts, you will take a form to install the broadcast as well. If so, you could skip making your stream.

5. Choose a nation.

Hit on the “Select your country” drop-down box, then hit on the nation where you live in the drop-down menu.

6. Check the “Text me the verification code” box.

It is under the “Select your country” drop-down box.

7. Enter the phone number.

Hit on the text box below “What is your phone number”. Then, you might type your phone number.

8. Hit on “Submit”.

It is a light-blue button under your phone number around the page’s bottom.

9. Retrieve the verification code.

On the other hand, you might open the phone’s messages app or part, or open the text from Youtube (it includes a 6-digit number), and review the 6-digit code in the text.

10. Enter the verification code.

You might type the 6-digit code you retrieved inside the text box at the page’s top. Finally, you hit on “Submit”.

11. Hit on “Continue” when prompted.

Users click “Continue” on the page’s top.

12. Follow the on-screen guides

If asked to permit your webcam, or alter the various Youtube settings, do so. When you come to the page stating that you will want to keep waiting for a day before keeping going, you might proceed.

13. Keep waiting until 24 hours

Youtube requests a whole day to verify the account for live streaming. When 24 hours have lasted, you could proceed with broadcasting a live stream on the PC or the phone.

How to Going live on youtube a personal computer

1. Get back to Youtube after 24 hours have passed.

When you have waited within 24 hours, you could open Youtube again by moving to and signing with your account if possible. State-of-the-art browsers like Firefox, and Safari support live streaming.

2. Install the webcam if possible

If you are going to stream from the PC, you will want to get a camera for some sort. If you want to stream a game, or a blockbuster movie from your PC, skip to “streaming your desktop to Youtube” as well.

3. Hit on the “Upload” icon

It is a camera-shaped icon through the page’s right side. The drop-down menu can appear.

4. Hit “Go live”

This option is in the drop-down menu.

5. Hit on “Allow” when prompted

Doing that might make your web browser get access to the webcam.

6. Type a name for your stream.

In the “Title” text box, you need to type in whatever you need to name the stream. It is the title that can display for the stream at the same time you end it and upload it to your private channel.

7. Choose a viewing privacy setting

If you need to save the stream as private, hit on the “Public” text field, and you stick with “Unlisted” or “Private” in the drop-down menu.

8. Hit on “Next”.

It is situated on the page’s bottom.

9. Pose with a thumbnail

Youtube might utilize your attached camera to get a picture of whatever it is getting four secs after loading that page.

If you do not love the thumbnail as it comes, you could put the mouse cursor above the thumbnail and hit “Retake thumbnail” to take it again.

10. Hit on “Go live”

It is on the page’s bottom. Doing that might start your live stream right away.

11. End the stream if possible

Hit on “End stream” on the page’s bottom, then select “End” when prompted. This can finish the stream and save the stream when the video is on the channel.

Howto Going live stream Youtube on Mobile

Source: Live Streaming Pros

1. Open Youtube firstly

First of all, you can tap the Youtube application icon that resembles a white triangle on the red background. That might open the Youtube home site if you are signed in.

If you are not signed in, choose your account or type your email address and even password when prompted. Next, you need to ensure that you can do it around a day after you register the account for live broadcasting.

2. Tap the “Upload” icon

It is on the top of the screen’s top.

3. Allow Youtube to take the camera and images.

You might tap “Allow access” and tap “OK” for every prompt. By android, you could tap “Allow” rather than “OK” for every prompt.

4. Tap “Go live”

It is located on the screen’s bottom.

5. Allow Youtube to get access again

Tap “Allow Access” again, and tap “OK” or “Allow” on every prompt. If prompted to switch on the chat, tap “Not now” or “Turn On” when the prompt comes.

6. Type a title

Until this step, you might tap the “Title” text box on the screen’s top, and type in the title you need to take for your stream.

7. Choose the viewing privacy choice if possible

If you need to save the stream as unlisted, you might tap “Public” under the title text field, then tap “Unlisted” in the drop-down menu. Next, the unlisted stream can be viewed by the users who get a direct link to the stream.

You might not list the stream as private while using the Youtube mobile application.

8. Pose for your thumbnail

Youtube might snap an image of your face for some seconds to open that site. If you do not love the thumbnail, you could tap the “Edit” icon on the thumbnail’s top right corner and hit “Retake thumbnail” to take the image again.

9. Tap “Go live”

It is a blue button on the screen’s bottom. On the other hand, that might start the live stream. You can tap “Stream in portrait” to confirm the phone’s target.

10. End the stream if possible

Tap X on the screen’s top right corner, and click “End” when prompted. As for Android, you can tap OK rather than “End”.

Section 4: Streaming the desktop to Youtube

1. Retrieve the Youtube stream key

Every client comes with a verification code particular to them which they might take to link streaming software to the Youtube live stream. In order to retrieve the key, you have to do something below

– Move to in the computer’s web browser, and sign in if prompted.

– Hit on the “Stream now” tab on the left page’s side. Next, you scroll down to the “Encoder setup” heading.

– Hit on “Reveal” to the “stream key” right text field.

– Copy the stream key by hitting on it and pressing Ctrl+C on the Windows operating system.

2. Set up the OBS studio

You might open the Broadcast software studio easily. On the other hand, it is a free program that you might take to broadcast the PC’s on-screen content via a lot of streaming devices. To set it up, do something below

– Get to in the desktop’s web browser. Choose the operating system if the site might not identify it automatically.

– You have to scroll down and hit on “Download Installer”

– Make a double click on the downloadable installation file.

– Chase up the on-screen installation guides.

3. Open OBS studio

Hit on or make a double click on the OBS studio application icon that resembles a white fan above the black background, to make so.

For a Mac, you might initially get to open the Apps folder to seek the OBS studio.

4. Hit on “File”.

That option is located on the window’s upper-left side. The drop-down menu might appear.

When it comes to a Mac, hit “OBS studio” in the screen’s upper-left corner.

5. Hit on “Settings”.

It is in the File drop-down menu. Doing it can open the Settings Window. For a Mac, hit on Preferences in the drop-down menu.

6. Hit on “Stream” tab

You might find that on the window’s left side.

7. Choose Youtube as your hobby

Hit on the “Service” drop-down box, and select the Youtube/Youtube gaming in the drop-down menu.

8. Type the stream key

Hit on the “Stream key” text box, and paste in the stream key by clicking Ctrl + V on Windows operating system.

9. Hit on “Apply” and “OK”.

All choices are at the window’s bottom. If you do not see Apply and OK on the Mac, you have to close the Preferences window.

10. Begin whatever content you need to stream

If you want to play a game or stream a film, you can open and install the media right away.

11. Hit on “Start streaming”.

It is a button in the OBS studio window’s lower-right side. On the other hand, your stream might start out as well.

You could test that your stream is live by moving to here and glancing at the video in the “Stream now” section’s center.

12. You can end the stream if possible

Hit on the “Stop streaming” button on the OBS studio window’s bottom right corner. In the other words, the content might be saved to the Youtube channel like a video.


1. Do you need 1000 subscribers on Youtube to live stream?

To live stream on mobile, the channel might get at least 1,000 subscribers. On the other hand, you might be capable of streaming to the brand-new, zero-subscriber Youtube channel from the smartphone – no need for thousand subs.

2. How long can live streams stay on Youtube?

The answer is 12 hours. If your live stream is not more than 12 hours, Youtube could archive it for you. That choice can be implemented in all kinds of live streams such as webcam, and encoder.

3. Can I Livestream the zoom meeting?

In general, you could live stream the Zoom meeting on Youtube. That makes participants join the meeting through Zoom to view it and comment on it through Youtube. Throughout the live event, there can be about 25 secs delay from the realistic zoom meeting or webinar.

4. Could you go live on Youtube without any subscribers?

Thanks to the ManyCam mobile application, clients could live stream to Youtube directly from their gadgets without at least subscriber’s need. The ideal component is that it is very simple to use, and it is served for Android, and even iOS gadgets. While you open the application, you will not realize the main button is the live streaming button.

5. Could I watch a Youtube video by myself to obtain more than 4000 watch hours?

At present, the good news is that you get to take 4000 hours once. Once you complete monetization, you might apply with monetization. When you are passed, you can admit it as well. For instance, if you get monetized one year, but only get around 1000 hours of watch time for the final 365 days does not affect you.

Final thoughts

That’s all about basic information related to going live on Youtube. Finally, you can ask us if needed. Thank you!

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