Start Participating by Using Small Steps


Not sure how to get started communicating with people on the web?  Try staring with small steps and gradually build with your comfort level or goals.

You can’t stop the web in order to properly place yourself in a discussion.  The web is like a river that is constantly flowing that may be faster or slower on any given day but it’s always moving

You just have to jump in.  If you’re too scared of getting hurt, you’ll probably never begin or you will get hurt.  If this is you – try stepping into the flow gently and then ramp up your speed as you feel more comfortable.  You’ll see that it’s not that scary.

Here are 3 communication categories to help you think about how to participate in flow of communication on the web:

3 Communication Categories for Participating on the web

Micro – this is a great place to start.  You can contribute in small ways to experience the flow.  Most of the people you find in the flow are friendly and want you to participate. It’s everyone web!  It doesn’t work without all of us.  You need to take the 1st step.

To get started, try this:

  • Sign up for Twitter
  • Find interesting people to follow
  • Contribute to the conversation

If you want a little more, try chatting.  There is less time delay in communicating and you can participate as much or little as you’re comfortable. I participate in Lrnchat (group that focuses on learning) and there are many other chat groups focused on different topics.  Here’s a list of chat groups with times: tweetchat schedule.

Middle – if you’re comfortable with the micro communications or want to stretch for more try communicating in the middle.  This is communication beyond 140 characters and usually less than a than a blog post. It requites that you think more critically and creatively about the topics you are reading and sharing helping you to learn more.

To get started, try this:

  • Comment on a blog post that you follow – How to Write a Great Blog Comment
  • Add your thoughts about a blog post and share with other using amplify
  • Create a blog-lite (tumblr, posterous) site for sharing

Macro – if you’re ready or want more than middle communications, then try blogging, writing an ebook or creating a presentation. This level of communication requires the most time commitment.  You may be able to leverage some of the content that you’ve used in other communication categories within your maco communications.

To get started, try this:

  • Start a blog or blog-lite and begin writing blog posts
  • Write an ebook
  • Create and share your presentation using tool like slideshare

So, the key is to just start!  Once this happens, you’ll be able to see lots of possibilities and connect with many other great people like you.   What’s stopping you?



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