Things I found online this week that caught my attention.  How about you? What did you discover?

@JD_Dillon Again, learning doesn’t change. Our understanding and ability to support it will hopefully become more effective. #LRN2024

World in Beta from @hjarche  In a world exploding with potential, the way you embrace emerging technology, and the transformations it causes, will greatly affect your business. Be ready. Be part of it.

3 Issues Should Occupy Managers Over the Next 50 Years from @NimbleAtWork “the best leaders of the future will spend half their time reading books.” – Tom Peters

The Best Leaders Are Insatiable Learners from Bill Taylor “So what is the opposite of boredom, the personal attribute that allows individuals to keep learning, growing, and changing, to escape their fixed attitudes and habits?”

Jane Hart’s Must Reads from August 2014 from @C4LPT

Our Cyborg Future from @alexismadrigal

cy·borg /ˈsīˌbôrg/ noun

1. a person whose physiological functioning is aided by or dependent upon a mechanical or electronic device;

2. a person whose physical tolerances or capabilities are extended beyond normal human limitations by a machine or other external agency that modifies the body’s functioning; an integrated man–machine system.






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