Moving From Pages to Streams

As the web moves from pages to streams, I’ve been trying to better understand how to experience this shift from a learning perspective.  What’s my mental model or framework for making sense of my online learning experience as things change so fast?

Streaming is a concept that helps make sense of  this shift. Lifestreaming is a type of streaming that has received attention since Steve Rubel discussed his move from blogging to lifetreaming.  I lifestream learning (e.g., what am I learning, who am I learning from, what I plan to learn) more than any topic and like this as a model for sharing learning experiences online. Learnstreaming  is a lifestream that is learning based.  There are already many types of streams (e.g., brandstreaming, socialstreaming, eventstreaming) and think there will be more to come.

O Casquero has described learnstreaming within an academic environment:

“Learn-streaming simply means publishing and sharing daily learning activities that constitute life-long learning. It allows students to keep track of what they have done on-line. Institutions can benefit from it as learn-streaming allows to look up the individual activity of the students for curriculum purposes. The aggregation of the learn-streaming of every student allows the teacher to get a detailed picture of the progress achieved by him or her in a particular course or subject.

I’m thinking about this differently than how it’s described above.  It can be expanded to include other aspects (social learning, time, many-to-many) of learning and the web.

Learnstreaming – publishing your learning activities online for the benefit of you and others.

The visual above is how I’m thinking about learnstreaming.  I’ve used some of the ideas from both Harold Jarche and Lee Lefever from their stocks and flows posts.

What Do You Think?

  • How are you making sense of the web?
  • How are you making the most of your online learning experience?
  • Does learnstreaming help you with your online learning?  Why?  Why not?



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